Boise Bonsai Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai.


Coming Up!
11, 18, & 25 July
Stone Pottery Class
Shape, Mix, Color, & Texture Stone Pots: by sign-up only

at White home
Bonsai Maple
Seasonal Tip
Early Summer
Mist foliage with spray bottle containing 25% diluted fish emulsion for a deeper green

The Boise Bonsai Society (BBS) is a group of dedicated bonsai enthusiasts from the greater Boise, Idaho area. Our goal is to educate both our members and the general public in the art form known as 'Bonsai' (pronounced 'bone-sigh'), the ancient Asian art of growing miniature trees in pots. Our club holds bonsai workshops, collecting trips, and annual shows throughout the year. All levels of ability are welcome!

A Bonsai Educational Experience for All

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